The Experts in Pre Painted Auto Body Parts

About Paint A Part

Tony and Michael Loayza, Owners of Paint A Part

Family owned and operated

Paint A Part offers factory painted auto parts that match the original specifications of your car. With the everyday dings and dents that come with having a car, we believe that the solution should be simple – keep your car and easily restore its look before the accident. Why pay extra and lose your car when it’s not needed? Our goal is to keep you on the road and save you money by providing an alternative to traditional paint and body shops.

Owned and operated by two brothers, Tony and Michael started Paint a Part in order to spend more time with their growing families. Their father, German, ran a traditional paint and body shop for nearly 40 years where the brothers gained first-hand experience on how the business worked. As the brothers spent time with their father, they learned about the technique and process of painting auto parts. This experience and knowledge enabled Paint A Part to provide its customers with the best, most affordable DIY parts for vehicle repair.