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Vehicle Spotlight: The 2001-2021 Honda Civic

1996 Hinda Civic - red hatchback

Image by nxvette from Pixabay

The Last 20 Years of Automotive Royalty Summed Up

For decades, the Honda Civic has been one of the best-selling cars nationwide. The Civic has a reputation for being reliable, even past 100,000 miles. This trademark reliability has made it a favorite among drivers.

Between 2001 and 2021 there have been five generations of Honda Civic. This period of time covers the seventh generation (2001-2005 Honda Civic) up to generation eleven (2021-onward). Each of these generations includes different trim packages for customers. The number of trim levels and their unique features vary between generations. The seventh generation of Honda Civics came with four major trim levels: DX, LX, EX and HX. The eleventh generation’s trim levels are the EX, LX, Sport, and Touring. These different trim packages impact resale value. Some packages contain more features, and a Civic with more features will naturally sell at a higher price.

Honda Civic Trim Levels

Gray Honda Civic Type R Rear End

Image by matt from Pixabay

Trim levels vary in several ways, including performance. Each generation builds upon the last. For example, the seventh generation’s DX and LX trims boasted slightly greater horsepower than similar packages from the previous generation. The 2000-2004 Honda Civic’s DX and LX models were capable of anywhere between 106 to 115 horsepower. Years later, the 2015-2021 Honda Civic’s base model, the LX, had a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine capable of 158 horsepower. It also came with a six-speed manual or continuously variable transmission. Another trim package from the same generation, the Civic Type-R was capable of over 300 horsepower. With each generation, the Civic remains competitive in performance.

Each generation boasts new innovations for consumers. The Civic is well-known for its fuel economy, which has steadily improved across generations. The seventh generation was also the first to include a Hybrid Civic sedan. The tenth generation’s Civic Coupe was the first to include a turbocharged engine.

Honda Civic’s Interchangeable Body Parts

White Honda Civic Type R Driver's Side View

Image by Domenik from Pixabay

Despite different features, trim packages can use the same body parts. This bumper, one of our 2001-2003 Honda Civic replacement bumpers, works for both EX Sedan trim packages. Our products include compatibility charts to ensure you’re getting a usable part.

Aside from trim level, there are other, easier ways to improve your Civic’s resale value. Repairing scratched or dented paint jobs will immediately improve your car’s worth. Because of the Civic’s enduring popularity, it’s easy to find pre-painted replacement parts.

Paint A Part sells replacement parts like pre-painted Civic fenders, hoods, or bumpers. You can swap out a damaged part for something identical. These parts also include factory-accurate paint jobs. If you buy a Honda Civic replacement bumper or replacement hood from us, it will arrive looking like it just came out of the factory.

What Else Can I Do to Improve My Honda Civic’s Resale Value?

White Honda Civic speeding down the road

Image by Johnny_px from Pixabay

Our Honda Civic replacement bumpers or fenders are great, but here are other easy ways to improve your car’s resale value.

When it comes to resale value, focus on preventive measures. Consistency is key. Regularly cleaning your car will help keep the interior and exterior looking fresh. Keep a maintenance schedule for your Civic. Car maintenance includes several routine tasks: car washing, regular oil changes, and checking tire pressure. Worn-out wheels or a failing engine can come back to bite you when you’re finally ready to sell. Regular car washes can also help prevent long-term paint damage or fading.

The Inexpensive and Easy Way to Fix Damaged Auto Body Parts

2007-2008 Honda Civic front bumper for 2.0.L V6 Model

Image Source Paint A Part from 2007-2008 Honda Civic Sedan (2.0L) Front Bumper Painted

Want an inexpensive and easier way to fix paint damage or damaged auto body parts? Try Paint A Part’s replacement auto body parts. It’s a solid solution for quick, “like new” repairs. All of our replacement parts are painted to match the original paint color of your car or truck and come with an OEM-like, guaranteed. If you have questions about vehicle colors, painted bumpers, painted fenders, or anything else, check out our FAQs or contact Paint A Part today.