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Vehicle Spotlight: 1995-Present Nissan Maxima (Generations 4-8)

Nissan Maxima Steering Wheel

Learn About How the Maxima Has Changed Over the Years

Over the decades, the Maxima has been a premium Nissan model. When it first arrived on the market, classy interior features and a V6 engine helped set this apart from Nissan's other car options, like the Altima. 40-plus years and eight generations later, the Maxima is still going strong. We'll guide you through the Maxima model years from 1995 to today, covering the five most recent generations of this premium sedan.

Trim Levels on the Nissan Maxima

Nissan front bumper closeup

The Maxima’s fourth generation (1995 to 1999) has these trim packages: GXE, SE, and GLE. The GXE was the basic trim, the SE was the sport package, and the GLE was the luxury package. The trim levels all featured the same engine and relatively similar performance; each trim was set apart by its exclusive features. The SE, for example, had a spoiler and fog lights. The GLE had leather seats and chrome trim.

The fifth generation had the same three trim levels as the previous generation. This generation's SE celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Maxima with a commemorative edition trim that included an Infiniti I30 engine, ground effect rocker panels, and stainless steel door embossed sill plates, among other features.

The sixth generation (2004 to 2008) cut the Maxima’s trim packages down to two: the SE and SL. The SE, like previous generations, was a sportier package, while the SL was the new luxury model. The SE came with 18-inch alloy wheels, a rear spoiler, and an optional six-speed transmission. The SL included leather seats, wood interior trim, and an option for heated seats.

The seventh generation (2009 to 2015 model years) offered another set of all-new trim levels: S and SV. The S was the sport package, replacing the SE, and the SV was the new luxury package, replacing the SL. The eighth generation retained the S and SV trims and added a new trim level: Platinum. The Platinum trim usurped the SV luxury model as the best of the best. It was full of exclusive features, including a rear window sunshade, woodgrain accents, rain-sensing wipers, and a power steering wheel with tilting and telescoping.

How to Improve Your Nissan Maxima’s Resale Value

Orange Nissan Maxima Front Bumper and Headlight Closeup

Several simple tasks can quickly boost your Nissan Maxima’s resale value. One of the easiest is giving your Maxima a car wash. Take time to clean the entire car, including its interior and wheels. If you own a Nissan Maxima in a luxury trim, you can use a leather conditioner to restore faded leather seats.

Paint damage and body damage can also hinder your resale value. Most minor scratches are fixable with touch-up paint. If the body damage is too extensive, you need a replacement part.

Replacement Maxima Bumpers, Fenders, and Hoods

Front view of White 2017 Nissan Maxima

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