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Dry paint vs Cured Paint Auto Body Paint

An Important Distinction

We receive a lot of questions about whether our paint is cured when the pre painted auto body part is shipped. Our process for painting auto body panels is identical to that of most body shops you would use to paint your entire vehicle. From start to finish, we can’t tell you exactly how many coats it will take to paint your car part but we will use as many coats of paint as it takes to complete the job and to match the factory paint color of your car to the day it rolled off the assembly line.

As for the number of layers for the clearcoat, the answer is pretty similar. To get that factory shine we will use as many coats as it takes. This is an important step because the clearcoat not only adds that factory luster we all love on a brand-new car but adds an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s paint job.

Red Pre Painted Fender, Hood, and Bumper

Drying VS Curing

Paint drying and paint curing are 2 very different things with two very different processes. This is a very important distinction, especially when it comes to the aftercare and handling of your newly painted auto body parts.

Paint Drying

The process of paint drying is when the solvents in the auto body paint evaporate from your paint coating. At the end of the drying process, the paint will feel dry to the touch but at this stage, it is not 100% dry or fully hardened.

Paint Curing

The process of paint curing takes time, a lot more time than the drying process. Solvents evaporate quickly leaving the vehicle feeling dry to the touch in a rather short period. Cured paint is when your paint coating has reached its maximum hardness and is completely 100% dry. This process can 30 to 60 days or more. This is why the aftercare steps are so important.

Dried but Not Cured

When we ship our pre painted auto body parts, they are dried but not cured. This allows us to ship your parts quickly, safely, and efficiently. You can still install your newly painted cart parts before they are cured. Just follow the recommended aftercare precautions and everything will turn out just fine.

Auto Paint Aftercare

Until your paint is fully cured it is recommended that you take very special care of your new paint job to ensure your freshly painted car bumper, fender, or fender flares keep that factory luster and sheen for years to come.

For more information about the paint aftercare, check out our article, Aftercare of Fresh Painted Auto Body Parts.