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1997-2017 Honda Accord Spotlight

2018 Honda Accord in motion

1997-2017 Honda Accord (Generations 6-10) - Replacement Bumpers, Fenders, and More

Honda is known for building reliable cards, like the Honda Accord. The Accord carried Honda’s trademark reliability, and is praised by consumers for its dependability and durability. When properly cared for, this car can reach up to 200,000 miles.

Today we’ll look at the 1997-2017 Honda Accord and the four generations between those years.

Honda Accord Trim Packages

2015 Honda Accord driving in traffic

We’ll start with the sixth generation, which spanned the 1997-2001 Honda Accord model years. In this period, trims were the entry-level DX, then LX and EX. The upper level trims, LX and EX, had V6 engine versions called the LX-V6 and EX-V6. The following generation, the seventh generation, kept all trim levels the same.

The Accord’s eighth generation (2008-2012) changed up the trim names for the sedan model. LX was now the base trim while EX was still a premium option; the previous generations’ DX was removed. The LX and EX trims were available in several different variations; including whether or not the Accord included leather seating or a navigation system. The US also had an exclusive LX-P (Premium) sedan with its own unique features, such as illuminated power window switches. It also got the LX-S sport model with larger wheels and a more powerful 190 hp engine.

The ninth generation added even more trim options: the Accord Sport and Accord Touring. The Accord Sport Sedan was a midway trim between the basic LX and more luxurious EX. The Touring replaced the EX as the most prestigious trim option.

Honda Accord by Generation

Blue Painted Replacement Front Bumper of Honda Accord

Between 1997 and 2017, there were four distinct Honda Accord generations. The sixth generation covers the 1997-2001 Honda Accord. It offered many firsts for the Honda Accord, such as a leather seating option. The higher trim levels were also the first to include power windows and locks.

Then came the seventh generation (2002-2007 Honda Accord), which saw plenty of performance upgrades. It was the first Accord to include a direct ignition system for the four-cylinder engine. This type ignition system made the four-cylinder engine more reliable and slightly boosted its power and fuel economy. It was first introduced on the previous generation’s V6 engines. The seventh-generation was also the first to introduce the Accord Hybrid. The Hybrid model was discontinued the following generation, but was brought back for the ninth-generation Accord, alongside a new plug-in hybrid model with a chargeable battery pack.

The eighth generation (2008-2012 Honda Accord) had a special LX-P Premium trim with a number of special features, including illuminated power window switches, an 8-way driver’s seat, and 16-inch alloy wheels. This generation also added PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) engine options designed to reduce emissions. Several features from previous luxury trims, such as keyless entry, were now standard for the base trim (LX).

Restoring Your 1997-2017 Honda Accord

2018 Honda Accord in car wash

There are some quick, easy ways to boost the resale value of your Honda Accord: hand-washing your wheels and chassis, using leather restorer on worn-out seats, or using a touch-up pen to cover small, superficial body scratches.

There are also options for more extensive damage. Some body parts on your Honda Accord may have gotten damaged or worn after years of usage. You can quickly boost your Accord’s resale value by swapping out these damaged body parts with one of our Honda Accord replacement bumpers or fenders. Paint A Part manufactures prepainted body parts; with our factory-accurate color options, you can buy a part that looks like it rolled right off the assembly line.