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For decades, the Toyota Corolla has consistently been one of the best-selling cars in the world. Thanks to its solid fuel efficiency and safety features, the Corolla often ranks high in consumer reliability surveys. The Corolla is frequently in-demand, which is good news if you’re a Corolla owner looking to resell.

Let’s learn more about these safe, reliable cars. We’ll take a look at the contemporary Toyota Corolla, between 1995 and 2019, and the many iterations the car has had over these years.

Toyota Corolla Trim Packages

Front Bumper of Red 2016 Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla has a history spanning decades – it was introduced in 1966. Between 1995 and 2019, there were five different Corolla generations: generations eight through twelve.

The eighth generation, the 1995-1999 Toyota Corolla, came in three trim levels: VE, CE, and LE. The VE was the Corolla’s base trim, while the CE and LE were luxury trims. The next generation dropped the VE trim; the Corolla CE (Classic Edition) was now its base trim. The LE (Luxury Edition) was still its luxury trim, and now there was an additional trim option: S (Sport) with a sportier front bumper, rear bumper, and side skirts.

The tenth generation added two new trim levels alongside the previous three: XLE and XRS. The LE and S trims performed largely the same with some physical differences, including a spoiler featured on the S option. The XLE and XRS trims were designed as a step up to the existing LE and S trims and included exclusive options like automatic climate control. These upscale trim levels only existed for the 2006-2011 Toyota Corolla before being discontinued, but eventually made a comeback in the twelfth generation.

The LE and S trims continue to be standard fixtures for each successive generation of Toyota Corolla. The eleventh-generation Corolla has its own unique trim levels: the Corolla L, its new base model, and the LE Eco, a fuel-efficient trim.

Evolution of the Toyota Corolla

2011 Toyota Corolla in motion

The Toyota Corolla is well known for its simplicity. Consumers love the Corolla because of its ability to deliver reliable transportation, and its lack of extra frills makes it an affordable option for drivers. Because of its reputation for simplicity and reliability, the Corolla doesn’t change dramatically from year to year. From generation to generation, the Corolla was made roomier and taller. 

The Corolla is also well-known for its fuel efficiency, and over the years Toyota has made plenty of innovations towards improving fuel economy. The tenth generation (which is roughly the 2006-2011 Toyota Corolla) improved fuel economy by switching out the car’s hydraulic pump for an electric-power-steering unit. The eleventh generation had the LE Eco trim –a unique trim that featured an ECO mode setting. The ECO mode was designed to improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency by reducing engine power. The twelfth generation was the first Corolla to offer a hybrid engine.

Restoring Your 1995-2019 Toyota Corolla

White 2007 Toyota Corolla driver's side

The popularity of the Toyota Corolla has given it above-average resale value. If you’re looking to sell your own Corolla, then there are plenty of steps you can take to quickly restore its shape.

If you have damaged body parts, you can swap them out for prepainted replacement parts. Paint A Part sells Toyota Corolla replacement bumpers, fenders, and more. Each of our painted Corolla fenders and bumpers come in factory-accurate colors that look like they just rolled off the assembly line. They’re an affordable way for any Corolla owner looking to boost their car’s resale value.